A memorial to founder, friend and father, Neil Salt on the 6 month anniversary of his passing. 

Remembering Neil

6 months ago today our Dad left the business for the last time. After 53 years building his dream he had his final walk through the building checking in with everyone on his way out the door unaware it would be his last.

He loved Saltmarine and everything it stands for, he loved interacting with the team and meeting customers everyday. We will continue to strengthen and grow Saltmarine in the years ahead and look forward to working with and growing our loyal dependable team and interacting with customers old and new for years to come.

To honour his memory and celebrate one of the last projects he was involved in, we have placed two of his most famous quotes on the signage of our newly rebranded Used Car Centre.

Photographed along side is Colin Hutton, our Used Car Centre Sales Manager. Colin has worked with us for over 20 years. Dad and Colin had a great friendship and he would have been delighted with the how the rebranding of the Used Car Centre has turned out.

Tomorrow we will remember our Dad, Neil on the 6 month anniversary of his passing.

Michael & Tony