Discovering the beginning of a new era for Mazda, the Mazda3 is available in 2 body types, which have different personalities but are unique- The sport hatchback and the sleek, elegant saloon. The All-New Mazda3 comes with Mazda's latest SKYACTIV engines and technologies.

Sporty and powerful Hatchback / Sleek, elegant Saloon

Evolved KODO: Soul of Motion Design

The new sporty hatchback brings a sophisticated appeal with its powerful presence and strong sporty look.

While the Sleek, elegant saloon executes elegance and refinement, which brings a distinctive appeal to drivers who appreciate excellent quality driving.

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Red Mazda3 Aerial View
Black Mazda3
Mazda3 Interior

Step Inside the All-New Mazda3

To ensure the driver has a unique connection with their car, Mazda have ensured that the cabin is laid out in a horizontal way which is clean and tidy. Every element is designed to directly face the driver which will help to emphasise the driver-centred axis. The Mazda3 interior aims for the the 'less is more' ideal which is the future evolution of the Kodo design. With all elements being kept as simple as possible, this helps to strengthen the presence of the actual cabin itself. This will give the driver a more comfortable experience when on the road.

The interior also includes the Mazda'a own grain texture which is designed to create a warm feeling within the leather and a richness will be added to the overall design.

There's no better way to explore the finish and comfort of the interior quality and space than at first hand. We'd love to welcome you to our showroom to experience ​the drive and appearance of the All-New Mazda3.

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Red Mazda3 Side View

Performance Features

Choose from Skyactiv-G 2.0-litre engine available with cylinder deactivation and mild hybrid, resulting in higher performances and outstanding efficiency. The Skyactiv-D 1.8 engine reduces exhaust gases and delivers a smoother, more lively response. All our engines feature an innovative system to add more power at low speeds, great for city driving.

Safety Features

Mazda3 includes the newly developed Driver Monitoring system which uses both infrared cameras and infrared LED to monitor the drivers safety while they are on the road. It also monitors the drivers eyes, to how wide open they are, how many times they blink and the angles of their mouth and face to determine whether there is any drowsiness or fatigue. If the sensor believes that the driver is in great danger then it will sound and alarm which allows the driver to know and will work with the Smart Brake Support (SBS) System. After the driver has been alerted by the system, this will decrease the amount of braking that is required before the car comes to a stop.

Front Cross Traffic Alert (FCTA) is installed into the system to monitor the cars surroundings when the driver is on a journey, with newly installed front side radars the driver will be safer than ever with sensors telling them there is a car approaching from their blind spots. This will help prevent any accidents from happening, helping to keep the driver, passengers and pedestrians safe.

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Mazda3 Interior View