Hyundai Tucson

Mind-blowing Launch for All-New Tucson

Local TV star and mind-bending celebrity, David Meade left Saltmarine customers astounded at their recent Hyundai Tucson Launch event.

The entertainer and corporate speaker who has become brand ambassador for Saltmarine Cars was on top form as he unveiled the all-new Tucson and performed a series of tricks which amazed the crowd who were at the event.

Hyundai Tucson Rear View
Hyundai Tucson Dealership
Woman with her new Hyundai Tucson

Speaking at the event, David Meade said “the event was great and I really enjoyed performing in the Saltmarine showroom and being a part of the Hyundai Tucson launch. I have been driving my new Tucson for a few weeks now and it is genuinely the best family car I have ever driven”.

Michael Salt, Dealer Principal of Saltmarine Hyundai, was suitably impressed with the event.

“We are so pleased to have David on board as brand ambassador for Saltmarine.He put on a great show and really appealed to everybody.We can’t wait to have him back again for more spectacular events at Saltmarine Cars.