Regenerative Braking – how much energy does it recover?

The Ford Mondeo Hybrid Estate automatically switches between a conventional fuel engine and a battery-driven, electric motor, or uses a combination of both to deliver power and efficiency.

You don’t need to ever plug it in, and for further efficiency regenerative braking is employed. This captures up to 90 per cent of the energy normally lost through braking then recycles it to recharge the high-voltage battery.

Ford Mondeo Hybrid Regenerative Braking

But how much energy?

Rowing for 52 minutes, playing tennis for 67 minutes or climbing up 1,000 steps are just some of the examples used in a new Ford animation highlighting how much just one instance of braking from 50 km/h captures through regenerative braking.

Wow that's a lot of energy in a matter of seconds, we're out of breath just thinking about it.

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