Ford Tourneo Courier

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Tourneo Courier

The Torneo Courier is compact and versatile which means this vehicle is not only for work but for leisure as well. The vehicles interior has been carefully crafted by manufacturers to allow for the perfect seating arrangement so up to 5 people can sit in comfort. The Tourneo Courier also features extra space to ensure you you have enough space to carry whatever you need.

Not only can you enjoy the spacious interior, but will also find the number of advanced technologies to be very beneficial as well. The systems included are a hands-free device, so you can stay connected on the phone while driving and a system to help control your speed.

With the Tourneo Courier releasing their new design, you can go on journeys with the whole family or transport a full load so you needn't have to worry about spaces again.

Tireless Drives and More Enjoyable Journeys

You will never know what driving was like before when you start using the cruise control. This allows you to maintain the speed you are doing and it will only change if you ever brake or accelerate. The toggles on the steering wheel were designed to allow you to change your speed while you're ont he road.

The speed limiter system, allows you to drive with a speed you choose before driving off, this system allows you to save on the amount of fuel consumption and will unlikely go any faster than the speed limit. This would be beneficial when on the motorway as motorway journeys tend to be uncomfortable, so this system will make them more enjoyable and relaxing.

Tourneo Courier
Tourneo Courier Rear View
Tourneo Courier Front View

Performance and Efficiency

The Tourneo Courier includes a 6-speed manual transmission which makes the vehicle more economical and efficient and once you have reached a high speed, you can change into 6th gear which allows you to cruise on the road and save on fuel at the same time. You will also notice that the changes in gear are smooth and quick as well.

Comfortable and Spacious

The Ford SYNC 3 is known as an advanced system which will allow you stay connected wherever you are in your car. You can control your phone and music and you will also be given the option to choose between voice commands or the 6" colour touchscreen which requires pinch-and-swipe features for intuitive navigation.

The Tourneo Courier has a new cabin design which includes relaxing seats which are more comfortable, practical and durable. The unique design of the seats makes them flexible also. The rear seats split 60/40 and are able to fold forward and rest just behind the front seats which creates even more space for luggage.

Tourneo Courier Interior Seating
Tourneo Courier Open Boot
Tourneo Courier Wheel