Laser Wheel Alignment Offer

Only £75.00

Using the latest laser tracking equipment to make your journeys safer and more economical.

Due to poor road services and kerbing, over a period of time your wheels and steering can become misaligned leading to a number of problems with your car including:

  • Uneven / premature tyre wear
  • Pulling to one side
  • General stability and handling problems
  • Steering wheel out of alignment

We can easily fix this

Our technicians will do a visual check to identify any potential concerns with wear & tear, then if necessary, using our state-of-the-art laser alignment equipment, we can check the tracking, castor and camber of your vehicle and will make the necessary adjustments to correct them for you.

When the steering & wheels are correctly aligned, you will find;

  • Prolonged life of the tyres with a reduction in uneven tyre wear
  • Potential improvement in fuel economy
  • Improved handling and general stability

To enquire about this offer please call our Service Department on 028 8772 3376 or alternatively click the booking button below

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