Mazda Servicing 4 Years + Offer

We know you love your Mazda so why settle for anything less? With these new services introduced we can guarantee that your car will leave our workshop in the best condition.

Here at Saltmarine our manufacturer trained technicians know exactly what to do with your Mazda, so you needn't have to worry when dropping it off. We ensure that all maintenance needs are taken care of and that any existing warranties are maintained; meaning your Mazda's performance and resale value will also be protected in the best way possible.

There are 3 levels of service available for Mazdas that are out of warranty - prices dependent on model and engine size.

Essential Service: from £149

Elite Service: from £225

Complete Service: from £299

Benefits of a Mazda Service?

  • Your Mazda will receive the highest care from the best trained Mazda technicians
  • Your Mazda will be worked on with the latest Mazda vehicle diagnostics systems and technical support
  • Gaining access to the Mazda Genuine Parts will help protect the reliability and performance of your Mazda
  • Your Mazda will benefit from the the Mazda Genuine Parts Warranty
  • Any recall work will be free of charge
  • An anti-corrosion warranty is available to protect your Mazda from paint damage, by carrying out an effective Body Check
  • An open and honest appraisal will be given for your Mazda, so you can make any additional decisions on the work to be carried out
  • A full Visual Health Check is available for your vehicle.
  • A digital copy of your service record will be automatically updated to the system, so you can check your vehicles service history effectively

What's Included in the Mazda Essential Service

As any customer, you should know that maintaining your cars service schedule is important to ensure the car is being protected in every way possible. With the Mazda service your car will be taken care of.

We have created a new range of services to ensure your car receives the best treatment. The Mazda essential service includes the minimum amount of operations for your car. Listed below are the replacement parts, replacement fluids and common operations.

Mazda Essential Service

Replacement Parts
Oil Filter
Sump Washer
Replacement Fluids
Engine Oil
Common Operations
Check and report on condition of bodywork
Check and report on condition of windscreen/glass
Check condition of wiper blades*
Check function of windscreen washers
Check function of all lights
Check function of horn
Check function of interior lights, including instrument panel and warning lamps
Check steering wheel function
Check condition and function of seat belts
Drain engine oil and replace oil filter
Check condition of exhaust system
Inspect suspension for condition/leaks/security
Inspect condition of driveshafts
Inspect brake pads and discs for wear*
Inspect steering components for condition/wear
Inspect tyre condition*
Inspect wheels for damage/security
Check and adjust tyre pressures
Check brake fluid level and condition* (requires replacement every 2 years)
Check under bonnet level and refill as required
Check engine drive belts for condition*
Check battery for security/condition
Check for fluid leaks

Price of essential service: from £149.00

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*There are no additional operations with this service


What's Included in the Mazda Elite Service

The Mazda Elite Service includes all the above common operations for the Mazda Essential Service, although there are a few added extras that need to be made in order to fulfil the Elite Service.

Listed below are the operations which are completed to ensure that your Mazda leaves Saltmarine in excellent condition.

Replacement Parts
Air Filter
Cabin Filter
Replacement Fluids
Engine Oil
Common Operations
All of the above in Essential Service
Additional Operations
Inspect spark plug condition*

Price of elite service: from £225.00

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​What's Included in the Mazda Complete Service

The complete Mazda service is the one with all operations included but at a much higher price than the other two services. You will be pleased to know that to complete this service, only the best equipment is used.

Listed below are the operations that are completed within the Mazda Complete Service to ensure that your car leaves Saltmarine in the condition that it deserves.

The complete service includes all the common operations that are listed above for the other two services and has some of its own to complete that full service

Replacement Parts
All of the above in Essential and Elite Service
​PLUS Spark plugs or Diesel fuel filter​✓
Replacement Fluids
Engine Oil​✓
Common Operations
​All of the above in Essential and Elite Service​✓
Additional Operations
​Check transmissions/differential oil level​✓

Price of complete service: from £299.00

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Terms and conditions apply. *Additional cost to replace certain necessary parts